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50% off Select Services
That's right, half off regular price select design services! Services included are: photo editing services, banner ad design, business card design, postcard design, and poster or flyer design. Discount through December 31st.

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LogosSeven Magazine is published by a dynamic Atlanta-based publishing firm, and is produced by a nationally recognized team of publishers, editors, and artists who seized the opportunity to create a smart, stylish magazine for the smart and eager audience... [more]

Tips and Tricks
by Melissa Lawson
Red-eye removal - While a lot of photo editors have a built in method to correct red-eye in photos, they don't always get it just right, or maybe you want to change the eye color altogether. In most editing software you have a tool called a mask, use this mask to select the area you want to change, pupil or iris. Once you have the area selected use your paintbrush (small circle) set to color mode. To remove red-eye use black, and to change eye color just choose the color you want. Paint on carefully and don't forget ctrl+z will undo any mistakes you make in most programs!

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Coming Soon -
You've heard of myspace and facebook, but these websites are not for kids. Our children need an online space they can personalize without being targeted by predators. iZe Web Design is in the early stages of developing such a place. will allow kids to fight for causes they believe in, create a variety of online toys, play interactive and single player games, learn and take practice tests, read news relating to them, enter contests that reward them for making an effort to change the world around them, and personalize a profile that boasts their accomplishments on the site. If you would like to find out what you can do to help email

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